Make Me Joyful is a place for people who:

Want to live their passion but after doing another all-nighter are too exhausted to figure out what it is. Fear that not everyone gets the big love story but still watch Rom-Coms in hope. Would stop to smell the flowers if only they had the time. Have “everything”, but worry they have nothing at all. Believe that manners maketh the man (and woman). Ache when they see others following their dreams because their own are still aloof. Get excited by a handwritten note on the mat. Nod sagely that life’s too short but count down to the weekend like a jail-bird doing time. Use heart-shaped post-its to express an ounce of creativity at work. Fear it’s too late to make a change but feel breathless at the thought of staying still. Are cheered by a beautifully-wrapped gift. Worry that their dreams are for other people but are scared that they can’t settle for less. Keep telling themselves that next year will be their year.

Want life to be Beautiful. Happy. Joyful.

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