Ready to start a revolution?

Just like the first page of a fresh exercise book, the start of a new year is full of promise. This time we’ll use our best handwriting, get only As and our pages will be littered with gold stars. The good intentions last for a while but before long ink is splattered, doodles are drawn and we’re counting down the pages until we can start again.

Although I know that my pages will inevitably get scribbly and dog-eared, I still love the magic of a fresh start. Lists of resolutions written with my favourite pen on saved-for-best writing paper are sealed with wax and a flourish. They languish between leaves of books or at the bottom of drawers and chronicle the fact that for the last 31 years I have proclaimed that I will: eat less, exercise more and, of course, figure it all out. Or whatever the childhood equivalent was.

But this year I’m less about resolutions and more about revolutions. More particularly the Joyful Revolution.

The Joyful Revolution is about changing our lives and changing the world one joyful detail at a time. It’s about refusing to fritter away our days living half-lives. It’s about doing good and feeling good as we undertake Random Acts of Joy for others. It’s about declaring that life should be more than so-so. 

You can read the full manifesto here.

And because January is often touted as the bleakest month, we’re launching the Joyful Revolution with a Random Act of Joy every day until the 31st. If you have any ideas for acts that would make you or someone else more joyful then be sure to leave a comment below.

Here’s to a fabulous 2013!