Gone Letter Writing


Yesterday’s post was mostly interrupted by cupcake-making (chocolate, vanilla and toffee), flower arranging (peonies and stocks) and letter writing (LOTS). I will share the full details very soon, but I can safely say that Happiness is most definitely Handwritten.

It was a huge honour to host so many wonderful letter writers for a very joyful night indeed. There’ll be over 40 pretty packets winging their way across the world tomorrow.

A huge thanks to everyone who came. And a huge thanks to the following: Maison d’etre, Portena, Ink Drops, The Green Gables, Studio Sarah, Alice Gabb, Liz Kearsley and Cat Groom Calligraphy. And because this is sounding like a bad Oscar acceptance speech, I’ll stop. And go eat leftover cupcakes. Yum.

And because even I can’t eat all of the leftover cakes, I’m hand delivering a beautiful box of spares TODAY in central London. Leave a comment and your postcode below and I will pick a random (as long as I can Boris Bike to you within 30 mins) recipient by 13:00. Go on, you can cheer up your office and your Wednesday afternoon for FREE!



  1. Hi ! I’m not in central london, so I won’t qualify but just wanted to send some love 🙂 (my husband works in central london though……) Don’t forget, if you’d like us to share the Joy! we can share your ‘makemejoyful’ with our lovely Yoga customers! With much love, xxxx

    • Make Me Joyful

      Thank you Nicola! Really appreciate this. And where is your husband? He can be entered by proxy! xx

  2. Emma

    Ooooh cakes! Me and my colleagues would love these. W1 x

  3. He works for The Farm group and today he’s at Uncle, 1-7 Livonia Street
    (off Berwick Street), LondonW1F 8AD in the edit suite “Echo”. Thank you for entering STeve by proxy! Have a fantastic day! 🙂

  4. Me and my colleagues could do with a big cuddle in the shape of cupcakes today!! We work at 4 Sloane Terrace, SW1X 9DQ 🙂 It would totally put a massive smile on our faces!!
    Also, I was so upset that I wasn’t able to afford the ticket for last night (damn my budget!) but Rebecca (from puddle of grace – i love her!) said that she had a wonderful time and you would be running another..so I can’t wait to forward plan that one and actually come this time!!!
    Lots of love, Nic x

  5. Anne

    CAKES PLEASE!!!!!!! I’m in EC1. Can email fuill address if picked : )

  6. MIN

    I loved your cakes!! Such a great event yesterday. Really really enjoyed it and feel so inspired by the joy! xxx

  7. MIN

    Oh! and postcode is EC2Y if i’m picked! xxx

    • Make Me Joyful

      That postcode is burned on my brain Min! So lovely to see you last night. Thank you!

  8. Make Me Joyful

    Thank you all for your speedy responses. In the end the random number generator sent me and the cakes (on a Boris Bike) to Chelsea. So happy to have delivered them to a very lovely Nicola.

    Thank you everyone!

  9. Krissi Molina Grant

    Thank You Cheryl for the beautiful evening on Tueaday night at the Happiness is Handwritten Event, nothing like a mid week event to GLAM things up – had a ball, and if you want proof see the 40 photos i posted on Facebook, a picture tells a thousand words, look forward to the next event but see you as a friend shortly …much love and Joy to you!
    Krissi xxx.

    • Make Me Joyful

      Ah thank you Krissi and for the beautiful photos too xx