Happy talk



Sometimes I find it difficult to say how I feel. When things are a little tricky or I’m feeling fraught I find it’s easier to be ‘fine’ than to unpack how I’m really feeling. It’s generally easier for me to process my thoughts before sharing them.  Perhaps you’re the same?

That said, I now realise that relationships are strengthened and new perspectives are given when we let others in. Open communication is a wonderful thing. And apparently it’s ok not to have all of the answers before sharing the problem. Who knew?!

But important though it is to relax our game faces when we need, it’s also important to remember that miserably banging on and on and on about a problem with no intention of finding solutions or relief isn’t particularly helpful. In fact, it’s spectacularly unhelpful.

We get what we focus on.

And just as when we look for joy and find more of it, when we face misery we tend to feel more of it too. So, I’m hoping that the illustration above will be a reminder for us all to talk about what we want rather than what we don’t want. To talk up all of the good that we’re hoping for rather than all of the bad we’re trying to escape.

Let me know how you get on.


Joyful Care Package


At the risk of appearing like a one trick joyful pony, I’m going to confess that I used the treasure hunt idea again this week.

What can I say? I like treasure hunts. I can quite imagine a time when I refuse to meet anyone unless they solve riddles regarding my location first. Fun, no? No? Oh ok.

Yesterday was the last day at my current job. Super excitingly I’m moving to a new role which will give me more of a challenge and will also give me more time to devote to Make Me Joyful. I’m feeling very fortunate indeed. But at the same time, I will miss my current team. The job itself wasn’t right for me but, thanks to my joyful practices, I have been happy there. And I’ve made some great friends too.

So, what better way to leave a little joy than to create a treasure hunt that winds around the office via the meeting rooms, stationery cupboards and kitchen? The first clue will be delivered next week and then it’s game on. I even made it rhyme. Yep, I’m a joyful dork.


I can’t wait to hear what they think.

And, being the last Thursday of the month, it’s also time to send out July’s Joyful Care Package. This month’s box of goodness is full of joyful gifts inspired by summer. If you’d like to be included in next month’s draw, be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter below:

The beautiful art-work above is created by Katie Daisy.


How to be en vogue



London is feeling very tropical this week. We’re enjoying monsoon rains and the type of  mugginess that makes mockery of curly hair.

Whilst I’m not managing to look particularly groomed and glamorous at the moment, I’m still glad that  kindness is always in fashion. The beautiful reminder above created by Emily McCarthy.

Definitely a trend to follow.