Shape the Joyful Revolution and WIN!


I’m heading in search of adventure! Well, more like a trip to see one of my dearest friends get married and then a little holiday at home.

But rather than leave a few pre-written blog posts, I’m giving Make Me Joyful a two week holiday too.

Yes, two weeks to be miserable, cantankerous and just plain mean. Expect to see me starting fights, kicking puppies and stealing sweets from small children. Not really. I fully intend to take my joy with me. Well, apart from maybe on my Ryan Air flight tomorrow. I am, after all, only human.

Whether you’re leaving the country or barely able to leave your routine for 30 minutes on a park bench with a Mr Whippy ice-cream, time away from ‘real life’ is something to be celebrated. This is when creativity visits, ideas emerge and we gain the perspective that eludes us at other times.

And because I’m excited to come back full of joyful vim and vigour I’ve created a survey so I can find out how I can make YOU more joyful. 

The Joyful Revolution starts with you and I’d love to get your ideas on how I can make it even better. You can complete the short survey here

In return I’ll enter everyone who shares their thoughts into a draw to win an extra special joyful care package. Think stationery treats and special surprises beautifully wrapped with love. 

To be in with a chance of winning, please complete the survey by midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 28th September. And, of course, I’ll send the package to anywhere in the world.

Thank you so much!


No time for a letter?

At the risk of sounding boring and stuck in an alliterative buzzword rut, I really do believe that Happiness is Handwritten. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it from me before, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The other night I spent an evening catching up on my correspondence and smiled with satisfaction at the stack of lovely letters ready to post. Similarly I was lucky enough to receive some handwritten notes from readers and opening them made me even happier than opening the letter telling me that I’ve finally paid back my student loan. Hoorah.

But sometimes we just don’t have time for a long gossipy letter on carefully numbered sheets. And given that we’re still in summer and the holiday mood, why not choose a postcard instead? Only space for a few words, but still enough room to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

I quite like a bad postcard. There’s something that tickles me about flimsy card and ugly photos of nothing you’d ever want to see in real life. But in case you want a little paper porn, here are some lovely cards I’ve spotted on the web.

Get sending! And remember that you can request a lovely new pen-pal anytime by emailing me at with your address.



Ok. I’m not in LA, but this postcard makes me want to go there just so I can send it. Via Parrott Design Studio.


Ha! A lyric from one of my favourite songs and something slightly madcap about this one. Via Nic Annette Miller.


Vintage London. Via Hello Lucky!


Love, love, love these cheeky cards reproduced from original 1940’s designs. Via Three Potato Four.


Ok, this isn’t available anymore. It’s a vintage find. But it’s pretty mean, right? What did the giraffe do to deserve that?!

Remember to email me your address if you’d like that new pen-pal. And if you’ve spotted any good stationery, please so share.


Live simply. Love fiercely.

MMJ_livesimplyIf you’re part of the Make Me Joyful community on Facebook or Pinterest, you’ll know that I love an inspirational quote.

There’s something about a wise phrase presented artfully that makes life feel a little more beautiful. Of course, it’s even more beautiful when you act on the wisdom but pinning a picture of it is a step in the right direction. Just like pinning enough photos of parquet floors is the first step to getting a house to put them in.

So, the quote above sums up this week’s Random Act of Joy.

A birthday. A secret train ticket. A SURPRISE.

The look on my dad’s face as I came into the restaurant was worth the last minute train fare. Although maybe he’d disagree after I informed him that my arrival was the present. Sorry dad.


The Joyful Revolution is about leveraging the little things. Finding the smallest moments to eke out the most joy. Celebrating the simplicity and loving it fiercely.

We can all do that.