Who loves you baby?

Whether you’re expecting to receive a card like this:


(From BHLDN)

Or this:

Happy Valentine's

(From JulieAnnArt)

…when you love stationery, Valentine’s Day is always special.

I’m gearing up for a love filled Random Act of Joy ready for the 14th February, but I need your help. I need you to nominate someone who would appreciate a little red envelope love next month. It could be your partner, your favourite friend, a secret crush or even yourself.

Just email me (hello@makemejoyful.com) with the name and address of the lucky person by Friday 7th February and I’ll send them a joyful valentine’s message in the post.

Feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to spread the word. My ‘Sent With Love’ stamp is ready to get inking.


3 things making me joyful this week

3 joyful things


1. The mystery knitter leaving scarves dotted around the city of Ottowa so that people can wrap up warm.

2. The Happy Startup School’s #screwbluemonday campaign. Take a look here.

3. This snowy weather sign. And the promise of a couple of hours uninterrupted reading at the weekend. I hope.

What’s been making you joyful this week? Let me know in the comments below.


5 ways to feel grateful all year round

In the newsletter this week I was discussing the power of being grateful and about how, when you celebrate the little things, you generally get more to celebrate.

As you might have seen here, I keep a gratitude diary where I note down anything good that I’ve seen, heard or done that day. Even when I’m not feeling particularly joyful, I’ll find something to write about. Yesterday’s entry celebrated Spotify, Pudding the Cat and managing to survive a rush-hour commute so packed that I was practically lap-dancing a fellow passenger.

As I say, celebrate the little things.

If you’re tempted to try it too, here are some:

Creative ways to document those moments of pleasure

MMJ_gratitude51. Write letters full of things you’re grateful for. Address them to yourself and ask friends to post them at strategic times during the year. Or tuck them into books and other random places so you happen upon them when you least expect it.

2. This idea came from the lovely Eirwen (of the present wrapping fame). She told me how her parents gather any Champagne corks they pop during the year and tag them with the reason for celebrating. Then, at Christmas, they put the corks on the tree and reminisce about all of the joyful occasions. Love it.

3. Here’s my gratitude diary. Any journal is wonderful, but I love that I see five year’s worth of loveliness on each page. Available here.

4. A couple of lovely readers suggested the idea of filling a jar with notes saying what you’re grateful for during the year and then opening it after 12 months. Wonderful.

5. For the technical amongst you, how doing an audio or video gratitude diary. Bonus points if you can watch them back without cringing.

Have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below.