Why horoscopes really are rather important

Hello May

The first of May makes me think of girls plaiting pastel ribbons around a May pole and Morris dancers. Lots of Morris dancers. But more generally, the first of the month makes me think of horoscopes.

I’m not an astrological addict, but I do think there’s something in the characteristics of the different signs although, as a Virgo, I always feel we get a pretty boring write up. And whilst I’m not checking every day, I still get excited to see what might be in store for the month ahead here, here and here.

Talking to friends, we all said that we look for the good things heading our way from the stars and then ignore the rest. We focus on the ‘this month is a great month to get pregnant’ when we’ve been trying for ages or the ‘this month you’ll get an exciting career opportunity’ when we’ve been sending application upon application to no avail and the ‘this month you’ll meet someone tall, dark and handsome when, well, whenever.

We look only for the positive.

Which is a pretty fantastic way to look at life too.

It’s not cultivating a positive attitude at all costs; it’s important to feel and accept every emotion, no matter how dark.  But it’s about putting more emphasis and thought on the things we want to achieve. So the job opportunity or the handsome stranger become our self-fulfilling prophesy, precisely because we’re focused on the belief that they’re coming to us.

In this way we’re the writer of our own life horoscopes; we can choose what we focus our energy on.  And so if you were perusing your charts (headscarf optional) what would you plot for May? Choose, focus, act and see it happen.

Let me know how you get on.



  1. I’m not big into astrology either, however it is something I would like to learn more about. I think horoscopes give people hope and can be used to encourage people to give different areas of their life more focus and could inspire them to take action. This month I’m plotting a re brand of biz, and some good consistent sunshine in London! I’m a Taurus so hopefully my stubborn trait will make both a reality before the month is out! 😉

    • Make Me Joyful

      Hi Leanne, I hope that your rebranding is going well; you’re certainly getting the sunshine in London! xx