Who wants to be a slave to the ordinary?

Be Different

Via with love from Kat

Cecil’s quote found me today. At exactly the time that I needed it. Thank you Cecil.

And here it is for you too. A reminder that if we have buds of brilliance waiting to blossom within us, we must let them.

It’s time to bloom.

A reminder that no one is going to give us permission; no one is going to give us a gold star for staying within the lines.

It’s time to bloom.

A reminder that wherever we are in the world and whatever our faults, flaws or failings we still have everything we need to thrive.

It’s time to bloom.

Choosing to be someone other than a creature of the commonplace doesn’t mean turning our lives upside down (although sometimes we must, damn it). But it does mean making our choices with the knowledge that we are here to bust forth with vigour and vim, not to wilt dismally then rot.

Let’s compliment freely, love openly, live creatively, smile prettily, dance frequently, eat nourishingly, work joyfully and make our decisions with the confidence that we each know what is extraordinary for us.

Are you in?


A very joyful care package


As you know, I’m currently in Paris and I’m doing a Random Act of Joy ‘Rosbif’ style. I look forward to sharing it with you next week, but as it’s the last Thursday in the month, today’s Act of Joy is sending the second Make Me Joyful care package. Hoorah!

Last month I had lots of fun packing the box for my lovely lady in Washington State and I’m curious to see where this month’s parcel ends up.

As usual, it’s full of joyful treats and there may be some little extras from Paris too…

Because the Make Me Joyful tombola didn’t fit in my suitcase together with my mini-break outfits (woefully inappropriate for the glacial weather, alas) I shall draw the lucky winner this evening.

So, if you want to be included then please sign up here:

With lots of love from Paris xx

The fabulous print above is available here.


You’re the apple of my eye


Valentine’s Day was made for the Joyful Revolution. There are cards, there are flowers and there are heartfelt declarations of love. Oh and let’s not forget the chocolate.

Given my obsession with all things paper, I’ve penned numerous cards over the years. Alas, not all of them joyfully received. I remember an especially psychologically scarring incident when I sent Duncan MacGregor one of W.H. Smith’s finest, featuring a teddy bear under a tree with the line: “You’re the apple of my eye. Will you fall for me?”

The card was returned during Fraulein Schnell’s year nine German class with an unequivocal “NO” scrawled across it. Bloody Duncan MacGregor. Although I suppose it was in the days before hair straighteners, confidence and the ability to apply make-up in any useful fashion.

Today, however, I’ve sent love notes to much more deserving recipients: you. I’ve also made a particularly pink and red video to inspire you to share some Valentine’s cheer today. Single, together or complicated, it doesn’t matter. Let’s all use today as an excuse to spread some joyful love.

I’m excited to read about all your most joyful Valentine’s experiences in the comments below.