Thank you of the month

After last week’s focus on giving thanks (and eating more pecan pie than strictly necessary) I’m really pleased to include one of your very special Thank You moments. You can read some of the others here and here.

A few weeks ago I was reflecting on the different ways that people understand love. How discovering a heart shaped note hidden under the pillow makes one person feel cherished but, for another, the act wouldn’t mean so much*. The lovely Natalia wrote to me in agreement. But at the same time as lamenting the fact that it’s difficult not to want to be loved by our own standards, she also wanted to celebrate her husband Piotr.


Over to Natalia.

Piotr makes me joyful because…

He is so unbelievably patient and tries his very best to understand his crazy and lost wife. He works hard and thinks of ways to please me and spend more time with me and our little daughter. He’s my treasure and support and friend and I don’t thank him often enough.

Wonderful. Who in your life could do with a great big thank you? Write to me at and share what a gem they are.

* Would you believe that some people actually scrumple these notes into little balls and leave them on the bedside table with the grotty receipts and loose change rather than carefully transferring them to a tissue lined box bought specifically for love letters. Madness, I know.


Thank you of the month – June


Courtesy of Eli Barbary

One of the easiest ways to live a happy life is fostering an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Ha! You’ve got to love a motivational phrase which rhymes.

As discussed in the Manifesto, appreciation is one of the five steps to living a life more joyful. We don’t need to be in a perpetual state of positivity but when we focus on the good in our lives (no matter how small or seemingly silly) we always notice more good to appreciate. We can choose what we focus on and what we want to see.

I recently heard from Eli, a lovely lady who is making gratitude her focus for the year. On her blog ‘You Changed My Life’ she’s thanking all of the people (dead and alive) who have had an impact on her life. Fabulous. Check out the blog (and her beautiful drawings) here. Eli has also nominated her younger brother Caspar to be the Make Me Joyful person of the month.

Over to Eli: 

Caspar makes me joyful because…


My baby brother is my biggest fan and my dearest friend. He’s ALWAYS there for me. His constant belief in me and encouragement has given me the courage to keep pushing myself; to go bigger and brighter and better and to keep searching for my truth.

I would like to say thank you for his zen, his forgiveness, his friendship and his love.

You rock, baby bro.

Who in your life deserves an extra special THANK YOU? Whether friend, family member or kindly stranger email me at to nominate them. We’ll celebrate them here and they’ll also receive some special handwritten happiness in the post.


Thank you of the month – May


As you know, it’s my life’s mission to make the world a more joyful place, as well as to work out the perfect eye-brow raise angle to disguise how wonky mine are.

Whether through the medium of blooms, baked goods or book tokens, I’m here to show that life gets better when we leverage the little things.

Nowhere is this more important than at work. From the letters I receive, the conversations that I have and my own personal experience, it’s clear that work is one of the places where joy seems woefully far away. This is something I would love to remedy, but in the meantime, May’s Thank You of the Month shows us that when there are people like Viv in the office, joy can be closer than we think.

The lovely Jan wrote to me to nominate Viv and I’m glad she did.

Over to Jan.

Viv makes me joyful because…

When you are very low, even a smile can be priceless and she hands them out in abundance.

I am currently in a really crappy relationship and I’ve taken to pouring my heart out to my colleague Viv. She’s been objective, kind and a great friend to talk to openly with.

As we live on the Isle of Man during one of our morning chats, I told her I’d not had a break in two years. That I’d not left the island and I felt that a day away may help me put my relationship with my bloke into perspective. I also went on to say that I knew I would back out of buying even a day trip ticket to Liverpool, as there was always something more pressing for my wages to go on.

I left the conversation at that as a work issue arose which we discussed; I thought no more of day trips and escaping.

Viv came back from her lunch a bit later than normal that day and I was a little concerned for her as she’s not been well and recently had major surgery. As I work in the reception of a factory, I saw her pull up and was relieved all was ok. She walked in looking sheepish with a massive smile on her face and handed me an envelope. Her exact words, ones I will never forget, were “that is for being you”. I opened the envelope and found tickets inside for a day trip to Liverpool for a Saturday two weeks later and was blown away.

Viv, out of pure unselfishness and kindness went out of her way to give me a gift I thought I wasn’t worthy of. She brought a smile to my face that I’d not had for five months and in one gesture she renewed my hope.

She’s a silent hero for me and a woman I can only hope to become half as good as, as she excels in so many ways of kindness.


Thank you Viv xx

How wonderful is this? We frequently spend more time with our colleagues than our friends, so let’s all try to look out for them in the same way as we would our loved ones. Ok, not everyone is going to be our BFF (I can’t be the only one who has worked with people so frustrating I’ve wanted to staple things to their head) but if we cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie and kindness then our work lives can only get better.

Whether it’s a friend, family member or even a kindly stranger,  if you’d like to honour someone publicly let me know who needs a special thank you (and a MMJ treat in the post) and email me your nominations now: