Beautiful, joyful words. Thank you.

Incredibly excited to be featured in Psychologies Magazine here.

Proud to be included in UK Cosmopolitan Magazine here.

And here I am in the online version of Cosmo. Hoorah!

Featured in the Daily Express thanks to my buckets of blooms on Blue Monday. See the piece here.

I left the event feeling sparkly and happy at having found likeminded people, made new friends and reconnected with an old ones over a shared love // Carla

We all have bad days, but not long ago I was having a particularly dreadful week. After speaking with Cheryl, she made me realise some things that shifted my whole perception of the situation. I went from feeling lower than low to high as the sky JOYFUL in less than 30 minutes.I could feel that she genuinely cared about me and wanted the best for everyone involved. It’s impossible to be in her presence without feeling great about yourself and having some laughs! They don’t call her Miss Joyful for nothing! She truly has a gift. // Susan

Thank you so much for this evening Cheryl, it was a lovely event. I left so happy. Happiness is definitely handwritten. Pretty stationary, cupcakes and new friends, perfect! // Rebecca

Thank you for a lovely evening filled with friendship, love, cocktails, cupcakes, conversation and JOY! // Krissi

This is the night that keeps giving! I may have embarrassed myself by squealing with delight when I spotted the neon pink printing ink! Such a lovely venue, beautifully decorated, great service and DELICIOUS cupcakes. What a star you are. // Jessie

Thank you so much for the beautiful email. It literally made me speechless (and a bit teary eyed) as I was reading it at work. It was such a refreshing, hopeful, email that I needed.

Thank you so so much for all your help, you don’t know how much I appreciate your words. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t of thought this amazing women from England would help me start my career as a photographer, and truly make my life more joyful. // Miranda

OH.MY.GOD I love your site! It’s gorgeous, your message is wonderful and your manifesto ROCKS!!!

Seriously amazing, amazing stuff! x


Claire Baker // This is Lifeblood

In a city that never sleeps, where silence is a luxury and appreciating the good things in life is masked by all that you need to do, I’m thankful that I have Make Me Joyful. It’s become a source for inspiration, a place to make me smile and a reminder to focus on staying grounded and happy. I’m am so lucky to have met Cheryl and look forward to all of those joyous moments that she honors, even while I’m across the pond in NYC.

Melissa Hall // The Emerging Designer

I love your blog and your approach to life. Whenever I look at anything of yours it fills me with happiness. It’s whimsical, upbeat and happy. Your personality truly shines through your work. I would love to show my readers the zest for life that you have and how they can have that too.

Maddison // US

Your website has been incredibly helpful to me this week during some stressy work moments. Thank you so much for being kind and wonderful. The world needs you! You make magic.

Heather // USA

I am not totally sure how I got to your blog and manifesto, but I did, and it was wonderful! I think we are kindred spirits, because, what you wrote…I kept thinking YES! She is describing me!!!

Roxanne // USA

I wanted to say thank you for what you are doing and for lifting the spirits of me and my friend. I will continue to share the joyfulness.

Anon // UK

Such an amazing, special and beautiful blog ! Thank you Cheryl for selflessly bringing smiles + joy to others.

Anon // Spain

Your blog brings joy to my day each time I visit. I especially enjoyed reading your manifesto.

Amy // USA

I find your mission most inspiring and love your energy and optimism. The whole adventure might seem futile nowadays, or naive, but I think you are wonderfully brave and admire you for going through with your revolution. I’m very glad to be a part of it.

Natalia // Poland

Your manifesto made me cry.  Thanks for standing up for JOY!

Heather // USA

I came across “Make Me Joyful” by chance this morning, and I’ve been smiling ever since.

Nancy // USA